Advanced Energy has devoted more than three decades to perfecting power for its global customers. We design and manufacture highly engineered, precision power conversion, measurement, and control solutions for mission-critical applications and processes.​​

Our products enable customer innovation in complex applications for a wide range of industries including semiconductor equipment, industrial, manufacturing, telecommunications, data centre computing, and medical. With deep application know-how and responsive service and support across the globe, we build collaborative partnerships to meet rapid technological developments, propel growth for our customers, and innovate the future of power.​​​

Acquired Technologies

Artesyn Embedded Power joined Advanced Energy in 2019. For more than 40 years, Artesyn has been trusted for its highly reliable, complex embedded power conversion solutions. These solutions are optimal for the most demanding applications including hyper-scale data centers, 5G network telecom infrastructures, embedded industrial power and medical applications.

Advanced Energy acquired LumaSense Technologies Holdings, Inc. in 2018. This expanded Advanced Energy’s portfolio of photonics-based measurement and monitoring solutions. The additional solutions showcase proven Impac pyrometers and Mikron thermal imagers for thermal processing applications as well as Innova and Andros gas sensors and monitors.​

With the acquisition of LumaSense Technologies Holdings, Inc. in 2018, Advanced Energy introduced Impac pyrometers to our photonics product portfolio. The Impac product line features a vast selection of highly accurate pyrometers that can be used in glass, petrochemical, metal, and non-metal applications.​​

Mikron joined the Advanced Energy product portfolio with the acquisition of LumaSense Technologies Holdings, Inc. in 2018. The Mikron product line features precise calibration sources and turn-key thermal imagers and systems that accurately measure temperature by using reliable infrared technology.​

Advanced Energy acquired Monroe Electronics, Inc. in 2018. Monroe’s industry-leading electrostatic detection and measurement products provide reliable solutions for ionization system testing and monitoring. The line offers both non-contact electrostatic voltmeters and fieldmeters.​​

Advanced Energy acquired Trek in 2018. The Trek product line includes high-voltage amplifiers, power supplies and generators, electrostatic measurement instruments, and electrostatic discharge (ESD) sensors and monitors. The tools are excellent for semiconductor, aerospace, automotive, medical, defense, PV solar, and test and measurement applications.​

In 2017, the Excelsys Holdings Limited team joined Advanced Energy and expanded Advanced Energy’s comprehensive portfolio to include low voltage solutions. The low voltage product line features modular and user-configurable power supplies. The products are ideal for medical, life science, industrial, and harsh-environmental applications.​​

UltraVolt, Inc. joined the Advanced Energy family in 2014. The UltraVolt product line offers high voltage power supplies and modules ranging from benchtop and rack mount systems to microsize PCB-mount modules. Over 1500 of DC-to-DC models can be combined with accessories and options to create thousands of product configurations.​​​

In 2000, the Sekidenko team joined Advanced Energy. The Sekidenko product line features industry-leading temperature measurement solutions. Its optical fiber thermometers are ideal for temperature measurement of semiconductor wafers during manufacturing processes.​

The HiTek Power Group and Advanced Energy joined forces in 2014. The HiTek product line offers high voltage and custom-built power supplies ranging from 100V to 500 kV. HiTek power supplies are built for optimal performance in semiconductor wafer processing, analytical instrumentation, and mass spectrometry applications.​​​

Plasma Power Generators​

Advanced Energy has devoted more than three decades to perfecting power for its global customers. We design and manufacture highly engineered, precision power conversion, ​

DC Power Systems

We offer standard DC and pulsed-DC power-delivery options. Thanks to vast feature sets and reliable performance, our power generators are used in nearly every manufacturing market — semiconductor, flat panel, glass, thin film, etc.

Ascent AMS Series

Stable Power Delivery for Extreme Arc Conditions and Highly Repeatable Films

MDX Series​

The MDX Series Enables Low-Power Magnetron Sputtering in a Small and Affordable Package

Pinnacle Series​​

The Most Recognized DC Power Supply for <= 20 kW Processes​

Pinnacle 3000​​

Industry-Leading Pinnacle DC Power Technology in a 3000 W Package​

DC and Pulsed-DC Solvix​​​

The Best in DC and Pulsed-DC Power Delivery Unify​

Low & Mid-Frequency Power

Advanced Energy’s low- and mid-frequency power supplies offer highly efficient, easy-to-integrate power. Quickly improve process control in a wide variety of applications.​

Ascent MS​

Multi-Output Power System for Multi-Chamber Power Delivery in Solar PV Manufacturing​

Ascent DMS​

Advanced Dual-Magnetron Sputtering Accessories​

PEII Series​

Low-Frequency Series with Enhanced Arc Control and Internal Load Matching for 40 kHz Reactive Sputtering Applications​

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Pulsed-DC Systems

Extend process innovation with Advanced Energy’s comprehensive pulsed-DC suite. Minimize arcing, enhance deposition rate, improve film flatness and packing density.

Ascent AP Series

Unprecedented Power Control for Single- and Dual-Magnetron Sputtering

Pinnacle Plus+ ​

Process-Proven, Pulsed DC for Single-Magnetron Reactive Sputtering of Thin Dielectric Films

Arc-Bias Solvix​​

An Arc-Bias Solution that Brings a New Level of Precision and Productivity to Cathodic Arc Processes

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RF Match Networks

Enable fast, accurate, and reliable matching. Advanced Energy’s match networks expertly perform in multiple power ranges. Available in plug-and-play models or configurable units, easily install, expedite tuning, and tighten process control.

Navigator II

Rapid, Accurate, and Reliable Digitally-Tuned Matching

Navigator II Fci

Agile, Precise Power Delivery for Demanding High-Speed Matching Applications


Economical, Digital, Configurable Matching Network Solution

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RF Plasma Generators

Choose from a broad range of RF plasma generators and access unique features for configuration, control, and application requirements. From various mounts and sizes, to full digital control and plasma dynamic response, our RF generators can ignite your process innovation.


High-Power Density for Compact Installation


Unparalleled Breadth of RF-Application Delivery without Custom Lead Times


Asymmetric Bias Waveform Generator for Direct Control of Substrate Voltage and Ion Energy


A Compact, Economical, Easy to Install, Low Power RF Platform


Economical, Mid-Frequency Generator Tailored for Plasma Processing


Industry-Leading, Repeatable Power Delivery for Core Plasma Applications


Economical, Digital, Configurable Matching Network Solution


Economical, Digital, Configurable Matching Network Solution

Paramount HFi

Compact, Cost-Effective Integrated Generator and Solid-State Matching RF Power Delivery System

Paramount Plus

Multi-Level Pulsing and Pulse Waveform Control for Emerging Plasma Applications


Proven, Mid-Frequency Workhorse with Industry-Leading Reliability

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Remote Plasma Sources

Equip your manufacturing and abatement processes with high functionality and exceptional reliability. Customize your chemistry. Expand your operating range. Deliver higher process rates. Advanced Energy’s remote plasma sources offer sophisticated options in streamlined designs.

Litmas RPS

Remote Plasma Source and Power Delivery System that Enables Abatement of Exhaust Gasses


Reliable, High-Performance Remote Plasma Source for Chamber Clean Applications

Rapid OX

Ideal Remote Plasma Source for Oxygen-Based Processes


High-Quality, Chamber-Clean Remote Plasma Source with Unrivaled Performance

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SCR Power Controllers

No other SCR power controller series offers the flexibility and performance of Advanced Energy’s Thyro-Family line. Our solutions meet your toughest design challenges. Thyro-Family SCR power controllers ensure high product quality and reproducibility in applications ranging from simple to complex. With a 50-year history, their precision and reliability is proven for any industrial manufacturing process requiring exacting material melting, heating, drying, or forming.

Thyro-A Series

Digital Thyristor Power Controller Supports Load Currents Up to 1500 A and Voltages Up to 600 V

Thyro-AX Series

Flexible Digital SCR Power Controller Supports Load Currents Up to 350 A and Voltages From 24 to 600 V

Thyro-PX Series

Ideal Remote Plasma Source for Oxygen-Based Processes


Thyristor Switch for General Heating Applications, Supports Load Currents Up to 350 A

Thyro-A+ Series

Precise, digital SCR power controller that supports currents up to 280 A and voltages up to 500 V

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Gas Sensors

Advanced Energy delivers innovative gas sensing instruments for numerous markets, including global energy, industrial materials, and advanced technologies. Our gas portfolio consists of gas modules and instruments that provide superior sensitivity over other gas detection techniques.

OEM Gas Analyzers

Reduce gas measurement costs with modules that measure multiple gases and eliminate field calibration. Our Andros OEM gas modules lead the way in non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) gas analysis for automotive emissions and patient monitoring.

Andros 6500 and 6520

OEM Gas Analyzers for Auto Emissions

Andros 6511

OEM Gas Analyzer for Greenhouse Gas Detection and Monitoring

Andros 6552

OEM Gas Analyzer to Detect Freon Refrigerants and Carbon Dioxide

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Gas Monitors

As a leader in trace and multi-gas monitoring, Advanced Energy delivers various NDIR and PAS gas solutions. Our gas monitors are ideal for all kinds of environments and applications and feature superior sensitivity.

Innova 1314i

OEM Gas Analyzers for Auto Emissions

Innova 1403

Multipoint Sampler and Doser for Innova Photoacoustic Gas Monitors

Innova 1409

Multipoint Sampler Designed for Innova Gas Monitors

Innova 1512

Highly Accurate, Stable, Quantitative, and Remotely Controllable Gas Monitoring System

Innova 3433i

Specially Configured Innova 1314i Multi-Gas Monitor for Automotive Emissions

Innova 3731

SF6 Leak Detection System for Enclosed GIS Substations

Innova 3750-2 / 3750-5

Tracer Gas Systems for Ventilation System Studies and Tests

Innova 3751-2 / 3751-5

Tracer Gas Systems that Enable Constant Concentration Method

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Advanced Energy’s Artesyn Embedded Power is a global leader in the design and manufacture of highly reliable power conversion solutions for a wide range of industries including communications, computing, healthcare, server storage and industrial. For more than 40 years, customers have trusted Artesyn to help them accelerate time-to-market and reduce risk with cost-effective advanced power conversion solutions.

2020 Shortform Brochure

TDI Power designs and manufactures AC – DC power solutions for a wide range of markets and applications. With products ranging from a few hundred watts within a simple power shelf through to configured solutions at 100kW+ TDI has a broad portfolio of products to draw on.


Product Image Model Description Datasheet Manual
Mercury Series
  • AC-DC rectifiers/front ends are available in
  • three mechanical package sizes with
  • output power rated versions of
  • 800W, 1200W, 2700W, 3800W & 4300W
Datasheet Manual
Liquid Blade Series
  • Three Phase Delta Input (380V, 400V, 440V or 480VAC, 50/60Hz) , no neutral required
  • 16.5kW, 60V, 360A DC Output in 1U Standard
    19” Package (180 & 400V models also available)
  • Environmentally Sealed Power Modules 2500W, 50V @ 50A
  • AC-DC Rectifier is Environmentally Sealed and ideal for Harsh Environments
Mercury Flex Series AC-DC
  • Mercury-Flex is the perfect rectifier solution for applications that require a flexible digitally controlled industrial power supply with a universal 90 to 264VAC 50/60Hz single phase input, and a wide choice of DC output voltage ranges: 28V, 56V, 85V, 125V, 400V.


DC-DC Converter Module

TDI Power produces DC-DC converter solutions for a wide range of applications. Often, an application will already have a DC power source available but will need to supply power to equipment requiring a different voltage. With input voltages up to 750V and a wide range of packaging options, TDI Power has the capability to efficiently customise solutions for a wide range of applications.

Product Image Model Description Datasheet
Mercury Series
  • DC-DC rectifiers/front ends with output power rated 1200W
  • Vin: -40 to -60Vdc
  • Vout: 27Vdc


DC-DC Converter Module – LiquidCore Series

Product Image Model Description Datasheet
  • IP67 and IP6k9k Environmental Protection, 180-450VDC Input Voltage Range 9-16VDC Output Voltage Range
4kW 400V
  • IP67 and IP6k9k Environmental Protection, 290-430VDC Input Voltage Range 22-30VDC Output Voltage Range
4kW 700V
  • IP67 and IP6k9k Environmental Protection
    550-850VDC Input Voltage Range 22-32VDC Output Voltage Range


DC-AC Inverter Module

TDI Power offers two standard series of modular DC-AC Inverters that provide True Sine Wave outputs from 24 Vdc or 48 Vdc sources. The modules are used in a variety of applications including Telecommunications, Data Center, Alternative Energy, Industrial, and COTS.


Product Image Model Description Datasheet Manual
LPE Series
  • 48V or 24VDC Input; True Sine Wave Output
  • 1U High, 11.7” (297mm) Shelf Depth (1% THD (Total Harmonic Distortion))
Datasheet Manual
LCE Series
  • LCE 1000VA, 24V in
  • LCE 1500VA, 48V in
  • LCE-Q 1750VA, 360V in



The new MediPower™ medical power system provides 175VA of output with a peak power of 250VA. The efficient design provides the necessary power to support medical equipment, while providing the proper overload capability required by devices such as printers.

The MediPower™ series provides a true sign wave AC output of 120V, with a universal AC input at 90Vac to 264Vac, enabling world wide support with a single unit. It can seamlessly change from an AC outlet to battery operation without the need for a transfer switch. This proven topology allows uninterrupted AC power at the output, irrespective of any power disturbance at the input.

MediPower™ is a fully integrated
UL/IEC60601-1 Mobile Medical Power System.

APM Technologies (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the research and development (R&D), production and marketing of Programmable Power Supply(PPS), Automated Test System and Automated Production Equipment. We have complete systems in product planning, research and development, laboratory experiment , testing and quality control. In addition, we have got the certification of ISO9001.

AC-DC Programmable Power Supply (600W – 36kW)

APM provides stable DC output and wider range voltage and current. For single unit, current range could reach to 200A. Voltage range could reach to 800V. One unit programmable power supplier could substitute several rectangular power. It could output multiple voltage and current group, set timed output time, provide OVP, OCP, OPP via front panel or PC. It supports list file function with built-in automotive electronics test waveform. Standard interfaces include RS232, RS485, USB, LAN. GPIB is optional. It could apply in various fields.

Power Supply Datasheet High Power Supply Datasheet

Programmable DC Electronics Load (350W – 26.4kW)

This series high power density programmable DC electronic load provides three voltage ranges 200V/600V/1200V. Supports CV, CC, CR and CP these 4 basic operating modes, as well as CV+CC, CV+CR, CR+CC these 3 complex operating modes.

Full protection including OCP, OPP, OTP, over voltage and reverse alarm. Support external control and monitor mode, the 0 to 10V input or output signal represent 0 to full range voltage or current. Provide OCP test, OPP test and Short circuit simulation to effectively solve the application demands for power and automated testing. Built-in RS232, RS485 and USB communication interfaces, LAN&GPIB communication card is optional.

Download Middle Power DC Load Download High Power DC Load

AC-AC Single Phase Programmable Power Supply (600W – 5kW)

It is a switching mode single-channel output high-precision programmable AC power source, which adopts high speed DSP+CPLD control, high frequency PWM power technology and active PFC design to realize AC/DC stable output. It is featured with high power density, high reliability and high precision, meanwhile it possesses operation interface of touch screen and keys manually.

Middle Power Single Phase AC

AC-AC Single and 3-Phase System Programmable Power Supply (1.2W – 20kW)

This series programmable AC source system adopts high speed DSP+CPLD control, high frequency PWM power technology and active PFC design to realize AC/DC stable output, high power up to 20kW.

The user friendly interface allows for quick access to AC source’s function through a large graphic LCD display front panel with touch screen or keypad. Can simulate complex AC lines conditions and measure critical product characteristics during testing.

The 3-phase output programmable AC power supply which provides with high power density. With high speed DSP+CPLD control, high frequency PWM technology, active PFC design, It is able to provide not only stable DC/AC output power, but also 3-phase / 1-phase output. It is featured with high power density, high reliability and high precision, meanwhile it possesses operation interface of touch screen and keys manually. It is able to analog output normal or abnormal power input for electrical device to meet test requirements, which is applicable to electric, lighting, aviation sectors, etc. It could be applied to enterprise’s production test as well.

Single Phase AC System Linked 3 Phase Ac System

Nanjing Bridge New Energy Technology was founded on Jan 12th, 2016, focusing on R&D and manufacturing regenerative power systems

The core team members are from CRRC (China Railway Rolling stock Corporation) and EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute) of State Grid and have the top R&D capability on power supplies in China. The BriPower AC&DC power systems are widely used in new energy and related fields.

Programmable AC sources

Options in AC

AVS Datasheet ESA Datasheet KGS Datasheet

Other Specialized AC sources

ESD- Series Programmable Bidirectional (Regenerative) DC Source

  • 30kW – 500kW single box (4MW+ available)
  • 2000V Standard, higher Voltage available upon request
  • Battery and PV application available
  • Current rise time <1ms
  • Optional Regenerative eLoad option available
  • Low Voltage option used in Fuel Cell application
  • Water cooling available
  • CE

Options in DC

ESD Datasheet

Bi-Polar, Bidirectional DC

The BriPower BIP series power source integrates two independent outputs into one power system. Each output can be AC or DC, and the two outputs share the same input power.

The design of BIP series is a cost-effective solution for the applications, which requires different output, but not at the
same time.

BIP Datasheet

We are professional manufacturer of Switching Power Adapter and Open Frame. Power Supply is designed to meet your specific technical and performance requirements.​


  • AC/DC Wall-Mount Adapter
  • AC/DC Desktop Adapter​​
  • USB Type-C Adapter​
  • Medical AC/DC Adapter​​
  • Battery Charger​​
  • Open Frame Power Supply


Access highly reliable and cost-efficient low voltage power supplies. Advanced Energy’s Excelsys product line has more than 20 years of experience of engineering power-density rich and extremely efficient supplies for a variety of markets.

CoolX1000 Series

Fanless 1000 W, Intelligent, Modular Power Supply Platform
Download Datasheet

CoolX1800 Series

1800 W Intelligent, Modular Power Supplies
Download Datasheet

CoolX600 Series

Fanless 600 W, Intelligent, Modular Power Supply Platform
Download Datasheet

CoolX3000 Series

High Efficiency, Intelligent and Reliable 3000 W Modular Power Supplies
Download Datasheet

UltiMod Series

High Efficiency, High Reliability, Modular-Configurable Power Supplies
Download Datasheet

Xgen Series

Up to 1340 W Multiple-Output, Modular Power Supplies
Download Datasheet

XF Series

The Modular, Hi-Rel Power Solution for Challenging Environmental and MIL-COTS Applications
Download Datasheet

Xsolo Series

500 and 1000 W Ultra Compact, High-Reliability Single Output Power Supplies
Download Datasheet

CS1000 Series

Innovative, Fanless, 1U, High Efficiency, 1000 W, Single Output Power Supplies
Download Datasheet

hitek power

hitek power

Advanced Energy’s high voltage products feature high-performance power supplies and amplifiers. Each product line features hundreds of units, options, and accessories to meet your application needs.

Advanced Energy’s HiTek Power and UltraVolt product lines feature hundreds of units, options, and accessories to meet your application needs.

High Voltage Power Supplies

Chassis-Mount Power Supplies

Advanced Energy’s chassis-mount, DC-to-DC, high voltage modules work easily within OEM equipment as component power supplies. Benefit from full-range control and voltage and current monitoring.

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E-Beam Power Supplies

Maximize image quality and repeatability. Designed for scanning electron microscope tools, Advanced Energy’s precision e-beam technologies deliver impressive performance, accuracy, and reliability.

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Mass Spectrometry Power Supplies

Access a myriad of options to complete custom designs. Advanced Energy’s high voltage, mass spectrometry products equip you with numerous performance features and combinations.

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Micro-Size Power Supplies

Advanced Energy’s micro-size, high voltage DC-to-DC converters offer a variety features — arc limits, tight line and load regulation, voltage monitoring, and more. Get the right solution in the perfect size.

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Rack-Mount Power Supplies

Explore rack-mount high voltage power supplies that feature IGBT switch mode technology or active power factor correction. And check out our rack-mount modules equipped with disc sets, which are ideal for ion-beam and electron-beam systems and X-ray equipment. Choose from standard modules or customize.

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Standard-Size Power Supplies

Employ state-of-the-art power conversion topology. Advanced Energy’s standard-size, high voltage power supplies offer various enhanced interfaces, mounts, and efficiencies. Easily achieve top performance and high reliability for all your applications.

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E-Chuck Supplies

Advanced Energy’s Trek e-chuck supplies have been a staple in the semiconductor industry for decades. They allow you to improve throughput, virtually eliminate sticky wafer and wafer popping issues, and reduce backside gas errors.

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X-Ray Power Supplies

Enable better sample data and accurate X-ray production with Advanced Energy’s X-ray high voltage power supplies. Our X-ray power supplies support proper specification and integration of the source and detector, which enables high power, quality, and reliability.

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Reference Supplies

Advanced Energy’s Trek reference supplies offer both high temperature and time stability outputs. They can also be used as a secondary traceable standard.

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High Voltage Amplifiers

Our extensive line of Trek high voltage amplifiers offer numerous voltage and current ranges to accommodate your demanding applications. Protect against output short circuits and over-voltages. For protective shutdown, utilize automatic crossover compliance limits or current trip features.

Standard & High Speed Amplifiers

Advanced Energy’s Trek high voltage power amplifiers employ unique and proprietary circuitry. Benefit from closed-loop amplifier systems that feature exceptional DC stability and excellent wideband performance characteristics. And thanks to all-solid-state designs, our amplifiers are protected from output short circuits and overvoltages.

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Piezo Drivers

Use Trek high voltage amplifiers to drive piezoelectric elements and piezoelectric (ferroelectric) material poling.

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Function Generators

Advanced Energy’s Trek function generator and amplifier systems can be used in a broad range of R&D and production applications. Features include our exclusive instrument control and interface for remote operation.

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Temperature Measurement Products


Easily obtain the quality and accuracy you require. Our vast pyrometer portfolio is developed from years of research and customer contact. We provide infrared thermometer solutions for nearly every application request. And we can quickly adapt our solutions for unique application specifications.

Pyrometer Overview Brochure

Glass Applications Pyrometers

Choose from a wide range of non-contact pyrometers tailored to the glass industry’s specific needs. Whether it be for flat glass or solar glass, container glassware, utility glassware, or technical glass, all of our products deliver fast and accurate temperature readings.

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Metal Applications Pyrometers

Increasing quality standards and higher energy costs demand more accurate and consistent temperature control in steel-making processes. Our pyrometers for metal applications provide cutting-edge technology, ease-of-use, and dependability.

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Non-Metal Applications Pyrometers

In industrial markets, accurate temperature measurement is critical for production monitoring. You need to keep costs down and product quality high. Advanced Energy is known for providing cutting-edge temperature management technology to meet stringent design requirements.

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Petrochemical Sensors

More than 550 refineries, gas plants, and petrochemical companies look to Advanced Energy’s E²T product line for accurate infrared temperature data.

With over 1,700 installations worldwide, our petrochemical sensors deliver proven experience, superior performance, and cost savings. Benefit from dedicated support and E2T on-site product-service packages.

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Semiconductor & Thin-Film Pyrometers

Access field-proven temperature measurement technologies. Advanced Energy’s Sekidenko line of optical fiber thermometers delivers real-time measurement via in-situ probes, optimizing process control.

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Thermal Imagers & Systems

Advanced Energy’s turnkey thermal imagers and systems accurately measure temperature and use reliable infrared technology. These high-tech instruments can precisely determine the temperature and temperature distribution of small and fast-moving objects.

Thermal overview brochure

BoilerSpection MB

Mobile Infrared Camera for Clear Inspection of Boiler Tubes and Furnace Walls

BoilerSpection SD

Turnkey Solution for Continuous Infrared Imaging inside Boilers and Furnaces


Infrared Camera System for Continuous Pilot Flame and Flare Stack Monitoring


Infrared Camera System for Continuous Reformer Tube Monitoring and Temperature Measurement Inside Furnaces

Mikron MC320 Series

High-Performance, Infrared Camera for Demanding Real-Time Imaging Applications

Mikron MCL640

High-Performance, Infrared Camera for Temperature Measurement between -40 and 1600°C

Mikron MCS640

Short Wavelength Thermal Imagers for Temperature Measurement between 600 and 3000°C

ThermalSpection 724

Automated, Continuous Thermal Imaging System for Remote Fault Detection in Substations and Industrial Sites

ThermalSpection CVM

Turnkey Solution for Monitoring Critical Vessels

Calibration Sources

Accurately verify the output signals of your pyrometers, thermal imaging systems, heat-flux measurement systems, or spectrographic analysis systems. Our blackbodies feature cutting-edge emissivity values, homogenous emission areas, and different-sized apertures. And fast heat-up times and high-temperature stability are guaranteed.

Low Temp Blackbodies

Advanced Energy’s precise Mikron® calibration sources are traceable to national standards. We use tests, burn-in times, and pyrometric calibrations to help ensure our black bodies deliver the quality and reliability you expect.

Blackbody Calibration Brochure More detail

Mid Temp Blackbodies

Increasing quality standards and higher energy costs demand more accurate and consistent temperature control in steel-making processes. Our pyrometers for metal applications provide cutting-edge technology, ease-of-use, and dependability.

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High Temp Blackbodies

Quickly verify output signals of pyrometers, thermal imaging systems, heat flux measurement systems, or spectrographic analysis systems. Our Mikron® calibration sources feature superior emissivity values, fast heat-up times, and high temperature stability.

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Fiber Optic Temperature Sensors

Advanced Energy’s Luxtron fiber optic temperature sensors set the standard for the energy, research, and medical industries. Based on Fluoroptic technology, each individual product can be configured for specific applications.

Luxtron m920 Series

Fiber Optic Temperature Sensing for OEMs between -100 to 330ºC

Luxtron m924 OEM

Medical OEM and General Lab/R&D Fiber Optic Temperature Measurement Solution

Luxtron m924 Utility

OEM Board for Fiber Optic Transformer Winding Hot Spot and Temperature Monitoring

Luxtron ThermAsset2

Effective Fiber Optic Hot Spot Monitor and Controller for Power Transformers

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