We offer electrostatic measurement instruments for electrostatic discharge (ESD) and high-performance applications. Select from our reliable electrostatic sensors and detectors, voltmeters, charge plate monitors, and surface resistance/resistivity meters.

Electrostatic Voltmeters

Advanced Energy’s Trek and Monroe electrostatic voltmeters allow you to accurately measure surface potential (voltage) on materials.

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Contacting Voltmeters

Advanced Energy’s Trek® Infinitron® ultra-high impedance voltmeter technology is ideal for voltage measurement applications that demand virtually infinite loading impedance levels. Measure with virtually no charge transfer due to high input resistance and low input capacitance features.

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Non-Contacting Voltmeters

Advanced Energy’s Trek and Monroe non-contacting voltmeters offer high accuracy, non-contact measurements that are insensitive to variations in probe-to-surface distances. They also help prevent arc-over between probes and measured surfaces.

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Board Level Voltmeters

We’ve shipped more than half-a-million on-board controllers (OBCs) to manufacturers across the world. Our non-contact OBCs offer the accurate, drift-free, high-speed, and low noise measurements your applications require.

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Electrostatic Discharge

Our electrostatic discharge (ESD) measurement and control solutions include charge plate monitors, sensors, resistivity meters, and voltmeters. Reliably monitor, measure, locate, and test for static electricity.

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Charge Plate Monitors

Our easy-to-use charge plate monitors allow you to accurately evaluate air ionization systems used to neutralize static charge accumulation. Benefit from our economical solutions and products that offer onboard data storage to automate ionization system testing.

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ESD Voltmeters and Sensors

We offer diagnostic tools for ESD in-line sensing and hand-held electrostatic voltmeters that are ideal for use in ESD-sensitive environments. Accurately measures surface voltage or charge build-up over a wide range of spacings.

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Resistivity Meters

Advanced Energy’s Trek and Monroe resistivity meters offer accurate and repeatable measurements for surface resistivity, volume resistivity, or resistance to the ground.

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Our Monroe fieldmeters use a feedback-driven design to assure accurate, drift-free, non-contacting measurements. Easily and effectively measure electrostatic field strength.

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