TDI Power designs and manufactures AC – DC power solutions for a wide range of markets and applications. With products ranging from a few hundred watts within a simple power shelf through to configured solutions at 100kW+ TDI has a broad portfolio of products to draw on.


Product Image Model Description Datasheet Manual
Mercury Series
  • AC-DC rectifiers/front ends are available in
  • three mechanical package sizes with
  • output power rated versions of
  • 800W, 1200W, 2700W, 3800W & 4300W
Datasheet Manual
Liquid Blade Series
  • Three Phase Delta Input (380V, 400V, 440V or 480VAC, 50/60Hz) , no neutral required
  • 16.5kW, 60V, 360A DC Output in 1U Standard
    19” Package (180 & 400V models also available)
  • Environmentally Sealed Power Modules 2500W, 50V @ 50A
  • AC-DC Rectifier is Environmentally Sealed and ideal for Harsh Environments
Mercury Flex Series AC-DC
  • Mercury-Flex is the perfect rectifier solution for applications that require a flexible digitally controlled industrial power supply with a universal 90 to 264VAC 50/60Hz single phase input, and a wide choice of DC output voltage ranges: 28V, 56V, 85V, 125V, 400V.


DC-DC Converter Module

TDI Power produces DC-DC converter solutions for a wide range of applications. Often, an application will already have a DC power source available but will need to supply power to equipment requiring a different voltage. With input voltages up to 750V and a wide range of packaging options, TDI Power has the capability to efficiently customise solutions for a wide range of applications.

Product Image Model Description Datasheet
Mercury Series
  • DC-DC rectifiers/front ends with output power rated 1200W
  • Vin: -40 to -60Vdc
  • Vout: 27Vdc


DC-DC Converter Module – LiquidCore Series

Product Image Model Description Datasheet
  • IP67 and IP6k9k Environmental Protection, 180-450VDC Input Voltage Range 9-16VDC Output Voltage Range
4kW 400V
  • IP67 and IP6k9k Environmental Protection, 290-430VDC Input Voltage Range 22-30VDC Output Voltage Range
4kW 700V
  • IP67 and IP6k9k Environmental Protection
    550-850VDC Input Voltage Range 22-32VDC Output Voltage Range


DC-AC Inverter Module

TDI Power offers two standard series of modular DC-AC Inverters that provide True Sine Wave outputs from 24 Vdc or 48 Vdc sources. The modules are used in a variety of applications including Telecommunications, Data Center, Alternative Energy, Industrial, and COTS.


Product Image Model Description Datasheet Manual
LPE Series
  • 48V or 24VDC Input; True Sine Wave Output
  • 1U High, 11.7” (297mm) Shelf Depth (1% THD (Total Harmonic Distortion))
Datasheet Manual
LCE Series
  • LCE 1000VA, 24V in
  • LCE 1500VA, 48V in
  • LCE-Q 1750VA, 360V in



The new MediPower™ medical power system provides 175VA of output with a peak power of 250VA. The efficient design provides the necessary power to support medical equipment, while providing the proper overload capability required by devices such as printers.

The MediPower™ series provides a true sign wave AC output of 120V, with a universal AC input at 90Vac to 264Vac, enabling world wide support with a single unit. It can seamlessly change from an AC outlet to battery operation without the need for a transfer switch. This proven topology allows uninterrupted AC power at the output, irrespective of any power disturbance at the input.

MediPower™ is a fully integrated
UL/IEC60601-1 Mobile Medical Power System.

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