Nanjing Bridge New Energy Technology was founded on Jan 12th, 2016, focusing on R&D and manufacturing regenerative power systems

The core team members are from CRRC (China Railway Rolling stock Corporation) and EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute) of State Grid and have the top R&D capability on power supplies in China. The BriPower AC&DC power systems are widely used in new energy and related fields.

Programmable AC sources

Options in AC

AVS Datasheet ESA Datasheet KGS Datasheet

Other Specialized AC sources

ESD- Series Programmable Bidirectional (Regenerative) DC Source

  • 30kW – 500kW single box (4MW+ available)
  • 2000V Standard, higher Voltage available upon request
  • Battery and PV application available
  • Current rise time <1ms
  • Optional Regenerative eLoad option available
  • Low Voltage option used in Fuel Cell application
  • Water cooling available
  • CE

Options in DC

ESD Datasheet

Bi-Polar, Bidirectional DC

The BriPower BIP series power source integrates two independent outputs into one power system. Each output can be AC or DC, and the two outputs share the same input power.

The design of BIP series is a cost-effective solution for the applications, which requires different output, but not at the
same time.

BIP Datasheet

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