In a typical household scenario, we tend to keep all our phone chargers and device adapters in one place and when we need to charge them, we go and try anything that fits the device’s port without knowing you’re maybe frying your device by using an incompatible charger.

This article will save you and your device as we’ll be discussing ways to determine if you’re using correct chargers for the correct device.

What is an AC-DC Power Adapter?

An ACDC Power Adapter is specially produced for a device to fit the device’s power requirements. AC (Alternating Current) is the power supply you get from your electrical outlets. This AC is not compatible with your device so the ACDC Power Adapter is converting it to DC (Direct Current) that matches your Device’s power requirements.

Reading the AC-DC Adapter Label

Every manufacturer includes DC output on the label. Look for the “brick” part of the adapter for the word OUTPUT. Here, you’ll see the volts followed by the direct current symbol and then the current.

The DC symbol looks like this: image

To check the polarity, look for a + or – sign next to the voltage. Or, look for a diagram showing the polarity. It will usually consist of three circles, with a plus or minus on either side and a solid circle or C in the middle. If the + sign is on the right, then the adapter has positive polarity:

dc center positive polarity

If there is a – sign on the right, then it has negative polarity:

dc center negative polarity

Next, you want to look at your device for the DC input. You’ll usually see at least the voltage near the DC plug receptacle. But you also want to make sure the current matches, too.

Always bear in mind that the input of the device should be the same as the output of the adapter.

ACDC POWER ADAPTERS should always match your device perfectly. Or else you’ll be risking the flawless performance of your device or you might not see them working. 

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