We are well versed in semiconductor industry trends. Dealing with power delivery and control solutions and temperature measurement technologies for critical etching, deposition, inspection, implantation, and annealing processes. ​

Thanks to our platform architecture and commitment to innovation, we develop strategic partnerships, anticipate your application needs, and rapidly design products and solutions for your specific requirements.

  • Etching​
  • Deposition​
  • Inspection​
  • Implant & RTP​
  • Burn-in​
  • Capital Equipment

Our medical power supplies include open frame, enclosed, fanless, and configurable models as well as external medical AC adapters and DC-DC modules. An AC-DC medical power supply unit (PSU) or medical DC-DC module from Artesyn comes with the backing of one of the largest medical grade power supply manufacturers in the world.

  • Life Sciences Diagnostic / Analysers​
  • Dental ​
  • Healthcare Devices ​
  • Imaging ​
  • Scanning ​

We provides an array of COTS Power Supplies products which dramatically reduce cost and time to various markets, which enables today’s military and aerospace contractors to compete globally with their systems. ​

​These specific products have a strong field demonstrated reliability record in industrial applications and are well suited for integration into military systems

  • Military vehicle ​
  • Submarine
  • Ship-Based Application ​
  • Mobile Communications Systems

Our industrial power supplies include open frame, enclosed, fanless, DIN rail and configurable models. An AC-DC industrial power supply unit (PSU) or industrial DC-DC module from Artesyn Embedded Power comes with the backing of one of the largest power supply companies in the world.

  • Test & Measurement
  • Robotics​
  • Display and Lighting
  • Process Control​
  • Horticultural lighting

From silicon wafer processing to steel-billet production, thermal processing, including general heat treatment, is used in everything. And to transform your materials into reliable, high-quality, finished products, you need precise heat. ​

Processes such as distillation and reforming require high temperatures that are very energy-intensive. You need effective temperature and gas solutions to optimize refinery efficiency and reduce costs.

  • Glass Production​
  • Petrochemical​
  • Power Plant​
  • Semiconductor​
  • Steel & Metal

Advanced Energy’s Trek and Monroe electrostatic voltmeters allow you to accurately measure surface potential (voltage) on materials. Choose from contacting and non-contacting voltmeters and on-board controllers. Various probe options are also available. ​

Our electrostatic discharge (ESD) measurement and control solutions include charge plate monitors, sensors, resistivity meters, and voltmeters. Reliably monitor, measure, locate, and test for static electricity.

  • R&D​
  • Production QC Check​
  • Institutional

Industrial thin film coating is swiftly adapting as consumer demands drive stringent performance requirements. As a world leader in industrial-coating power systems, Advanced Energy’s process expertise and manufacturing capabilities help give you a competitive advantage. Benefit from local engineering support, worldwide service centers, and new technologies that increase film quality and lower end-product costs. ​

  • Industrial Thin Film Coating​
  • Plasma-Based Glass Coating​
  • Solar Panel ​
  • Flat Panel TV

Artesyn has helped pave the way for advancements in IT infrastructure in computing and data storage systems. Our power supplies carry high conversion efficiency, low costs, high reliability and meet all pre-approved safety standards.​​

As one of the largest power supply companies in the world, Artesyn Embedded Power has many years’ experience designing and manufacturing advanced power solutions for data center, enterprise, telecom, industrial and medical applications. Artesyn offers simplicity in design and rapid deployment for Hyperscale and Cloud Computing needs.

  • AC-DC Slim Power Supply ​
  • High-Power Power Supply​
  • DC-DC​
  • Data Center​
  • Server & Storage ​
  • Power Shelf​
  • Power Distribution Units (PDUs) ​
  • Backup Power ​
  • Hot-Pluggable PSU