Our medical power supplies include open frame, enclosed, fanless, and configurable models as well as external medical AC adapters and DC-DC modules. An AC-DC medical power supply unit (PSU) or medical DC-DC module from Artesyn comes with the backing of one of the largest medical grade power supply manufacturers in the world.

  • Life Sciences Diagnostic / Analysers​
  • Dental ​
  • Healthcare Devices ​
  • Imaging ​
  • Scanning ​

Choosing the right power supply for your medical equipment can be tricky. You need to consider safety requirements, leakage current, and availability for the life cycle of your medical products.

Trust EP-Power for all your medical power supply needs. We will provide you with power supply solutions suited for medical imaging systems, including MRI, PET, X-ray, and ultrasound equipment.

If you need a power supply solution for medical research, then also you can rely upon us. Our power supply units and modules ensure stable DC voltage for biochemical analysers, enzyme immunoassays, and DNA analyzers.

Many physical therapists and rehabilitation centres require a range of instruments for faster and effective treatments. These instruments include electric thermal pads, nerve stimulators, muscle stimulators, cardiopulmonary resuscitation machines, and low-frequency therapy devices. All these machines need safe and stable DC voltages. This is where power supply units from EP-Power appear as the right solution.

The makers of these medical power supply units, Artesyn (Advanced Energy), bring with them decades of industry expertise. Expect each product to offer precision power conversion and control. The development of these devices is backed by years of research and innovation. To deliver industrial-grade solutions, the team keeps on improving their products to match the cutting-edge technology in the medical sector.

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