The new MediPower™ medical power system provides 175VA of output with a peak power of 250VA. The efficient design provides the necessary power to support medical equipment, while providing the proper overload capability required by devices such as printers.

The MediPower™ series provides a true sign wave AC output of 120V, with a universal AC input at 90Vac to 264Vac, enabling world wide support with a single unit. It can seamlessly change from an AC outlet to battery operation without the need for a transfer switch. This proven topology allows uninterrupted AC power at the output, irrespective of any power disturbance at the input.

MediPower™ is a fully integrated
UL/IEC60601-1 Mobile Medical Power System.


EDAC understand the unique requirements of the Medical Market. It offers products that meet or exceed the demanding needs of the customer. Our Medical Power Solutions are used by the worlds leading medical Equipment manufacturers in a variety of applications including: clinical diagnostic equipment, medical lasers, medical imaging, dialysis equipment, skin treatment and regeneration.


Product Image Model Output Power
Output Voltage
EM1005 4.5 ~ 6W 5 ~ 12V Datasheet
EM1005R 4.5 ~ 6W 5 ~ 12V Datasheet
EM1012 12W 5 ~ 24V Datasheet
EM1012R 12W 5 ~ 24V Datasheet
EM1019 15 ~ 24W 5 ~ 48V Datasheet
EM1019R 15 ~ 24W 5 ~ 48V Datasheet
EM1024D 10 ~ 36W 5 ~ 48V Datasheet
EM1024R 10 ~ 36W 5 ~ 48V Datasheet
EM1024W 10 ~ 36W 5 ~ 48V Datasheet
EM1068 25 ~ 72W 5 ~ 56V Datasheet
EM1095 80 ~ 100W 12 ~ 56V Datasheet
EM1101 80 ~ 130W 12 ~ 56V Datasheet
EM1250 160 ~ 250W 12 ~ 56V Datasheet
EM1300 230 ~ 310W 12 ~ 56V Datasheet

Medical Grade EMI Filters

Our complete line of off-the-shelf filters is available in a medical grade version. All filters are approved with variable line to ground capacitances to meet leakage current requirements of all applications and environments. Applications include patient medical devices, diagnostic equipment, surgical beds, MRI and X-ray machines and more.

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