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ICCP Power Solution

Impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) systems are used throughout the world to provide cathodic protection for pipelines, ship hulls, offshore production platforms, water and wastewater treatment equipment, tank farms, and of course, underground storage tank systems.

ICCP systems requires the use of an external DC power supply that usually energized by standard AC current. Our rectifier is an ideal choice for ICCP Systems for ships, platforms, workboats and barges.

Product Image Model Description Datasheet
Defender 2500W

This rectifier is ideal for Impressed Current Cathodic
Protection of pipelines, platforms, ships’ hulls,
storage tanks, and other high value steel structures.


Environmentally Sealed Power Modules 2500W,
50V @ 50A
AC-DC Rectifier is Environmentally Sealed and
ideal for Harsh Environments

Lightweight Test Rectifier

The LTR (Lightweight Test Rectifier) is a rugged
air cooled rectifier used as a portable cathodic
protection power supply in a variety of testing scenarios.

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