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Electric Vehicle Charging

Batteries and capacitors have similar charging requirements, which are well fit by Magna-Power. When connected to a battery or capacitor, the charger is programmed for the nominal open-circuit voltage, and the maximum desired charging current (rate of charge). The charger operates in constant-current mode, charging the battery or capacitor at the defined charging current, while the voltage rises with amount of charge. Once the programmed nominal voltage is reached, the charger automatically crosses over to voltage-mode control and the charging current drops to zero, as charging is complete.

High frequency IGBT-based programmable DC power supply line spans 1.5 kW to 2000 kW

Electric Vehicle DC-DC

LiquaCore Series are a family of rugged liquid cooled DC-DC Converter products for use in industrial, hybrid and electric vehicle applications. LiquaCore products are ideal for distribution applications, such as powering low voltage 12V or 24V accessories throughout the vehicle.

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IP67 and IP6k9k Environmental Protection,
180-450VDC Input Voltage Range
9-16VDC Output Voltage Range

4kW 400V

IP67 and IP6k9k Environmental Protection,
290-430VDC Input Voltage Range
22-30VDC Output Voltage Range

4kW 700V

IP67 and IP6k9k Environmental Protection
550-850VDC Input Voltage Range
22-32VDC Output Voltage Range

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